ASK RF Transmitter and Receiver


ASK RF Transmitter and Receiver

ASK RF Transmitter and Receiver pair is a low cost ideal solution for remote control applications. It is able to transmit data over 100 meters range. It is available in two frequencies, 315MHz and 434MHz. Transmitter is able to operate in a wide voltage range, 3 – 12V making it ideal for battery powered applications. Receiver operates in 5V making it ideal to interface with microcontrollers.

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  • More than 100 meters transmission range
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 315MHz and 434MHz ASK RF Modules are available

Transmitter Specifications

  • Supply Voltage Range : 3 – 12V
  • Transmission Frequency : 433.92MHz / 315MHz
  • Output Power : 4 – 16dBm
  • Uses SAW Stabilized Oscillator

Receiver Specifications

  • Reception Frequency : 433.92MHz / 315MHz
  • Supply Voltage : 5V
  • Intermediate Frequency : 500KHz
  • Integrated IF and Data Filters
  • Typical Sensitivity : -105dBm
  • Supply Current : 2.5mA
  • On-Chip VCO with integrated PLL using Crystal Oscillator Reference

Application Circuits

ASK RF Transmitter

ASK RF Transmitter

ASK RF Receiver

ASK RF Receiver


  • Works without antenna, but range will be limited
  • Use 17cm Wire Antenna or Telescopic Antenna for 434MHz Transceiver
  • Use 23cm Wire Antenna or Telescopic Antenna for 315MHz Transceiver


  • Car Security Systems
  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Telemetry Applications
  • Sensor Reporting
  • Automation System
  • Remote Keyless Entry



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