NRF24L01+ Wireless Data Transmission Module


NRF24L01+ Wireless Data Transmission Module

The NRF24L01+ RF transceiver module is an ultra low power (ULP) and low cost solution for transmission and reception at 2 Mbps through 2.4 GHz band. This is based on the IC nRF24L01 Nordic semiconductor. The IC is so power efficient that it can work for months or years on coin cells or AAA batteries. Enhanced Shockburst hardware protocol accelerator that features automatic packet assembly and timing, automatic acknowledgement and re-transmissions of packets. This offloads time critical applications from the microcontroller, enabling implementation of advanced and efficient networks using cheap microcontrollers.

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  • Transmission rate of 250Kbit/s, 1Mbit/s, 2Mbit/s can be selected
  • Transmission and reception possible
  • High quality VoIP is possible through 2Mbit/s rate
  • +/- 60 ppm crystal.
  • Antenna matching can be done easily using an external inductor
  • Shockburst and serial interface ensures compatibility with low cost microcontrollers
  • Receiving Peak current is 12.5mA at 2Mbit/s
  • Transmitting at 0dBm Peak Current is 11mA at 2Mbit/s
  • During power down mode the power consumption comes down to 400nA.
  • During standby mode power consumption comes down to 32uA.
  • Fast switching and waking time of 130us
  • Onboard voltage regulators
  • Six channels of reception through built in 2.4GHz antenna
  • Operating voltage between 1.9 and 3.6V

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