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Hi Ligo,

As i also have problem on pwm,  so i thought posting my doubt over here is fine.but i work on mplab.

I just tried to run a pwm with the duty cyle of 78% of the period, but it is not working on proteous, suggestions pls.

void main()
  PR2=0xFF;//setting period=0.0002048
  CCP1CON=0b00001100;//setting to pwm mode<3:0> and duty value<5:4>
  CCPR1L=0xC8;    //setting value of 800 to make duty=0.00016,which
  //is 78% of period.
  //T2CON=0b00000001;//prescale<1:0> of1:4
  TMR2ON=1;       //timer2 is on i.e clock pulses are provided.