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    John Jason

    Referring to the article : Integrating EM-18 RFID Module with PIC Microcontroller

    I’m doing a project to make a prototype door lock when the RFID tag is detected by the EM-18.

    I am using MPLAB X IDE v3.20 to program. Realizing that the code only supports MPLAB XC8, i tried to upload the hex file straight to my PIC18F4550 without building it on my IDE software.

    However, the LCD is not displaying anything.

    Is there anyway i can get my LCD to work with the code?

    Ligo George


    Firstly MPLAB X IDE is a development environment while MPLAB XC8 is a compiler. So you can use MPLAB XC8 compiler with your MPLAB X IDE v3.20.

    Seems like you have some connection problems. LCD backlight will work even if the microcontroller program is wrong.

    Secondly in that project we are using PIC 16F877A, so that hex file won’t work for PIC 18F4550. So you need make necessary changes in the program and rebuild it for 18F4550.

    John Jason

    Hi Ligo George,

    Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

    As my project time is running out, i would like to check if i can just program where if i bring the RFID Key Fob near, the EM-18 sends signal 1 to the 18F4550 microcontroller and from there i can make it enable something. Is this possible? (means i do not need to worry if the RFID is legitimate or not)

    Once again thank you!



    Ligo George

    You can use MikroC program, hopefully it will work without any changes. But this MPLAB XC8 requires some changes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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