Cell Phone Controlled Land Rover Using Logic Gates

What's Science for a small child ?At that age, no one of us is aware about the vast branches in science ,yet we are very curious to know.There will be lots of  Why's and How's in our mind which makes the elders irritated.By seeing a toy car,we always get wondered. Without knowing any robotics or electronics inside we just want to make our own toy car with clay and blocks.So its not wrong to say that every child has scientist [...]


Electronic circuits are becoming more complex and denser. Damage to a single element can result in malfunctioning of the entire electronic system, this can range from a simple conducting wire to complex devices. The problem is more dominant when damages occur inside the ICs. When a tiny circuit inside an IC breaks, the whole chip or even the whole device is unusable. Engineers of the University of Illinois has successfully developed a self-healing system capable of reparing a cracked circuit [...]