Automatic School College Bell using PIC Microcontroller

Automatic School / College Bell using PIC Microcontroller

Here we are sharing a fully automatic and configurable bell which can be used in schools and colleges. It is made using commonly available microcontroller and other components. Components RequiredPIC 18F4550 16×2 LCD Display DS1307 or DS3232 32.768 kHz Crystal 16 MHz Crystal 4.7K Resistor – 7 10K Resistor 10K Preset 22pF Capacitor – 2 100nF Capacitor 4×4 Keypad 680R Resistor LED – 1 3V CMOS Battery BC548 1N4148 Relay (5V/12V)Circuit Diagram Automatic College Bell using Microcontroller – Circuit Diagram How to connect the Bell ? Program The microcontroller program is written using MikroC Pro compiler. #define MENU_KEY 'D' #define SAVE_EXIT '*' #define [...]

PIC 18F Microcontrollers

Getting Started with PIC 18F Microcontroller – MikroC

In this tutorial we will learn how to program PIC 18F Microcontrollers using MikroC Pro compiler. I hope that you already know the basics of PIC Programming using MikroC compiler. If you are a beginner to this field, please read our first tutorial Blinking LED using PIC Microcontroller – MikroC. There are a lot of advantages for PIC 18F microcontrollers compared to 16F. Some of them are given below.PIC 18F is optimized for C while PIC 16F is not. PIC [...]