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7-Segment 0-9 Counter - CloudX Sample Codes

CloudX Sample Codes – Part 2

This tutorial deals with the execution of Traffic and button interfacing with microcontroller. Traffic Light In this project, we create a simple Traffic light. when the RED light is on, the GREEN light will be off and vice versa. When the RED and GREEN Lights are about to change status then the YELLOW will come on. Traffic Light – CloudX Sample Codes #include <CloudX/M633.h>#define RED 1             // digital pin 1 to the Red LED #define YELLOW 2   [...]

LED On-Off Control by Push Button - CloudX Sample Codes

CloudX Sample Codes – Part 1

This tutorial deals with the execution of LED Blink and button interfacing with microcontroller. Led Blink For our first project, we will blink an LED. That is, turn the Light Emitting Diode(LED) on and off successively for a period of time. Blink LED – CloudX Sample Codes   #include <CloudX\M633.h> // load in the text in this header file to your code #define LED 1 // anytime the compiler sees the text LED replace it with 1setup() { //setup here pinMode(LED , OUTPUT); // setup [...]

Analog to Digital Converter

Using ADC of PIC Microcontroller – MPLAB XC8

In this tutorial we will learn, how to use the ADC module of a PIC Microcontroller using MPLAB XC8 compiler. For demonstration we will use the commonly available PIC 16F877A microcontroller. Every physical quantity found in nature like temperature, humidity, pressure, force is analog. We need to convert these analog quantities to digital to process it using a digital computer or a microcontroller. This is done by using Analog to Digital Converters. An Analog to Digital Converter or ADC is a [...]

EM-18 RFID Reader Module

Interfacing EM-18 RFID Module with PIC Microcontroller

EM-18 RFID Reader Module is the one the most commonly used module for Radio Frequency Identification Projects. It features Low Cost, Small Size, Low Power Consumption and Easy to use. It can be directly interfaced with microcontrollers using UART communication. Software UART can be used for microcontrollers having no UART modules. In this tutorial we will see How to Interface EM-18 RFID Reader Module with PIC 16F877A Microcontroller. By understanding the basic idea, you will be able to interface it [...]

Push Button Switch

Using Push Button Switch with PIC Microcontroller – CCS C

I hope that you already go through our first tutorial of CCS C Compiler, Getting Started with PIC Microcontroller – CCS C Compiler. In that tutorial we learn how to use an output pin of PIC Microcontroller by blinking an LED with a delay of 1 second. In this tutorial we will learn how to read the status of an input pin and to make decisions according to its state. For the demonstration of its working we are connecting [...]

UART Communication

Using UART of PIC Microcontroller – MPLAB XC8

UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter. It is a very popular serial communication interface which provides Full Duplex communication between two devices. UART uses two data lines for sending (TX) and receiving (RX) data. Ground/Reference of both devices should be made common. As the name indicates it is an asynchronous communication interface, which means that it doesn’t need to send CLOCK along with data as in synchronous communications. UART is the communication interface used by our old [...]


Getting Started with PIC Microcontroller – CCS C Compiler

You are at the right place if you are a beginner to the field of microcontrollers. In this tutorial you will learn How to Blink an LED using PIC Microcontroller. PIC is a family of microcontrollers manufactured by Microchip Technology Inc. PIC stands for Peripheral Interface Controller. It is also referred to as Programmable Interface Controller or Programmable Intelligent Computer. As all other microcontrollers PIC Microcontroller can be programmed using Assembly Language. As it is little bit difficult we prefer [...]

Servo Motor

Interfacing Servo Motor with PIC Microcontroller – MPLAB XC8

Servo Motor Servo Motor is an ordinary geared dc motor equipped with closed loop servo mechanism which uses position feedback to control exact angular position of the rotor. These are commonly used in robotic arms, legs etc. Servo Motors do not rotate continuously, their rotation is limited to fixed angles. Usually these motors have rotation limit from 90º to 180° and some special have limits 360° or more. Servo Motors usually have three wires. RED and BLACK wires are used to [...]