Raspberry Pi SSH

Access Raspberry Pi directly from Windows PC

Usually beginners require a display, keyboard and mouse for using Raspberry Pi. But being a linux based system, the Pi can be accessed through a variety of methods like SSH (check our Raspberry Pi SSH tutorial), VNC (check our Raspberry Pi VNC tutorial) etc.. But these methods require an already existing network consisting of a router or other network devices. It would be easier to directly connect the Pi to the computer and work with it without any additional hardwares like router. [...]


Accessing Raspberry Pi through SSH

SSH stands for Secure Shell. It is a secure channel created over an insecure network. The channel consists of a server and a client. This channel uses public key cryptography and can be used for secure transmission of passwords, remote log in, command execution etc.. SSH can be used when we cannot physically access the Raspberry Pi due to various reasons like the USB ports are engaged or the board is in a remote location. This method also minimizes hassle [...]