Raspberry Pi SSH

Access Raspberry Pi directly from Windows PC

Usually beginners require a display, keyboard and mouse for using Raspberry Pi. But being a linux based system, the Pi can be accessed through a variety of methods like SSH (check our Raspberry Pi SSH tutorial), VNC (check our Raspberry Pi VNC tutorial) etc.. But these methods require an already existing network consisting of a router or other network devices. It would be easier to directly connect the Pi to the computer and work with it without any additional hardwares like router. [...]


Some Windows 7  users are having problems running DOS in fullscreen mode. The DOS-BOX has an effective remedy for this. You can download and install the DOS-BOX and run DOS using this software. The only trouble is that we should type in a couple of commands in it apart from the usual commands in DOS.  Using this software we can run DOS in full screen mode. Steps to install DOS BOX:- EG:- consider opening Turbo c++, let it be intalled in the drive"D".   1: Download DOS-BOX 2: Install [...]