Push Button Switch

Using Switch with Raspberry Pi – Python

I hope that you already go through our tutorial, LED Blinking using Raspberry Pi. Detecting switch status is one of the basic step in learning Raspberry Pi GPIO operations. Here we using Python programming language. I hope that you already installed Python GPIO Library in your Raspberry Pi, if not please follow our first tutorial LED Blinking using Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin Out Raspberry Pi GPIO layout Pull Up and Pull Down Raspberry Pi has internal Pull Up and Pull Down resistors which can [...]


Switch Debouncing

Haven’t you all noticed about the fact that sometimes while pressing a remote of a TV once, the channel shifts by 2 levels or more. Some may have even seen when a tuning button of an old FM radio has pressed the channel advances more than the desired. What is the reason behind it?  Have anyone thought about it?  The answer lies within the switches. The problem is ‘Switch Bounce‘. Switch Bounce Switch bounce or contact bounce or even called as [...]