Interfacing DS18B20 Temperature sensor with Raspberry Pi

DS18B20 is a commonly used temperature temperature sensor providing 9 bit to 12 bit digital Celsius temperature measurements. The sensor communicates over one wire bus. Each sensor has a 64 bit serial code enabling multiple sensors to be connected to the same one wire bus. The Raspberry Pi has drivers for one wired devices to be connected to GPIO pin-4 by default. 1-wire is a device communication data bus system developed by Dallas semiconductor providing low speed data, signalling and [...]

EM-18 RFID Reader Module

Interfacing EM-18 RFID reader with Raspberry Pi

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) uses electromagnetic fields to read, monitor and transfer data from tags attached to different objects. It is not necessary that the cards are to be in visibility of the reader, it can be embedded in the tracked object. The tags can be actively powered from a power source or can be passively powered form the incoming electromagnetic fields. EM-18 RFID reader module is one of the commonly used reader and can read any 125KHz tags. It [...]

Push Button Switch

Using Switch with Raspberry Pi – Python

I hope that you already go through our tutorial, LED Blinking using Raspberry Pi. Detecting switch status is one of the basic step in learning Raspberry Pi GPIO operations. Here we using Python programming language. I hope that you already installed Python GPIO Library in your Raspberry Pi, if not please follow our first tutorial LED Blinking using Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin Out Pull Up and Pull Down Raspberry Pi has internal Pull Up and Pull Down resistors which can be enabled through [...]

Led Blinking using Raspberry Pi – Python

Led blinking is one of the beginner circuits which helps one to get acquainted with GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi. Here we use Python language to write the code for blinking Led at one second intervals. Components required One led 100 ohm resistor Jumper cables Raspberry Pi GPIO Specifications Output Voltage : 3.3V Maximum Output Current : 16mA per pin with total current from all pins not exceeding 50mA For controlling a Led using Raspberry Pi, both python and the GPIO library is needed. Installing Python GPIO Library Note: Python [...]

Python Logo

Flow Control in Python

What are Control Flow statements? We often come across situations in which we need to divert or change the usual sequential flow of execution. The flow control statements can be classified into Conditional Statements and Iteration Statements. The Conditional Statements selects a particular set of statements for execution depending upon a specified condition. While the Iteration Statements repeatedly executes a block of statements with respect to some condition. This article assumes that you have basic knowledge in programming languages like [...]

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Getting Started with Python

What is Python? Python is an open source general purpose programming language. It is designed in such a way to improve software quality, developer productivity, program portability and component integration. Python gives more importance to its code readability and its syntax allows programmers to program their idea in fewer lines of code than other programming languages like C does. It is used all round the globe for web designing, system programming, user interfaces, product customization, numeric programming etc. Why Python? Python language [...]