CloudX - Writing to Ports - Experiment

CloudX – Writing to PORTs

In the previous tutorial we saw how to blink an LED using CloudX board, but in some projects we might need to write to a PORT or a group of pins at the same time. For eg., for designing an 8 LED chaser, writing to pins one after the other makes your code look so bulky but writing to a PORT at once for this kind of projects will make your code look neat and more efficient. A PORT is [...]

LED Chaser using 4017 and 555 Timer - PCB

LED Chaser using 4017 Counter and 555 Timer

Introduction A simple LED chaser hobby circuit can be made using 555 timer and CD4017 counter IC. You can use this circuit for decorative purposes. By modifying the circuit in a proper way, you can even use this to control lights working on AC mains. Components RequiredCD4017 Counter IC – 1 555 Timer IC – 1 LED – 11 680Ω Resistor – 11 10KΩ Resistor – 1 10KΩ Variable Resistor – 1 10μF Capacitor – 1 0.01μF Capacitor – 1 9V Battery / Power Supply – 1Circuit Diagram LED Chaser using [...]


Led Blinking using Raspberry Pi – Python

Led blinking is one of the beginner circuits which helps one to get acquainted with GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi. Here we use Python language to write the code for blinking Led at one second intervals. Components requiredOne led 100 ohm resistor Jumper cablesRaspberry Pi GPIO SpecificationsOutput Voltage : 3.3V Maximum Output Current : 16mA per pin with total current from all pins not exceeding 50mAFor controlling a Led using Raspberry Pi, both python and the GPIO library is needed. Installing Python GPIO Library Note: Python [...]


Simple Water Level Indicator

We have already posted about a Water Level Indicator and Controller using PIC Microcontroller. Today I am presenting a very useful, very cheap and very simple circuit using transistors for beginners in the field of electronics. This simple circuit can indicate the level of water in your tank using LEDs. Circuit Diagram Simple Water Level Indicator Circuit Diagram The connections and arrangements are made as shown in the figure above. The +9V is supplied to water using a metal contact.  In this circuit [...]


LED Chaser using PIC Microcontroller

LED Chaser is a simple project for beginners that can build using PIC microcontroller. In this 8 LED are running like a Ring Counter. It is very simple and you can create different patterns as you like just by modifying the MikroC program. Here I am using PIC16F877A, one of the most popular PIC microcontroller. This tutorial is on the assumption that, you have basic knowledge in mikroC and Proteus. If you haven’t please go to this tutorial. MikroC Code void main() { [...]


Blinking LED using PIC Microcontroller – MikroC

Welcome to the world of PIC Microcontrollers. You are in the right place if you are a beginner in the filed of microcontrollers. MikroC is the best compiler for beginners as it contains built in functions for most of the commonly used tasks. But MikroC is less efficient and the hex file generated will be large size compared to other compilers. So I suggest you to use Hi-Tech C compiler by Microchip after you get familiar with microcontrollers. Note [...]