CloudX PIC Microcontroller Board - LED Blinking

Getting Started with CloudX Development Board

CloudX M633 is one of the popular PIC based microcontroller development board designed by ByteHub Embedded, it comes with over 500 library functions which makes it very easy for beginners to start with embedded systems. In this tutorial we will see how to write our first “Hello World” program to blink an LED using the popular CloudX M633 (PIC16F877A chip) development board. CloudX – PIC Microcontroller Development Board and SoftCard Components RequiredCloudX Microcontroller Board and SoftCard Light Emitting Diode (LED) Resistor 220Ω 2 male [...]

CloudX - Writing to Ports - Experiment

CloudX – Writing to PORTs

In the previous tutorial we saw how to blink an LED using CloudX board, but in some projects we might need to write to a PORT or a group of pins at the same time. For eg., for designing an 8 LED chaser, writing to pins one after the other makes your code look so bulky but writing to a PORT at once for this kind of projects will make your code look neat and more efficient. A PORT is [...]

Interfacing LCD with CloudX - Experiment

Interfacing LCD with CloudX Board

To have a good relationship between human world and machine world, display units plays a vital part. Displays allows us to know what’s happening in a device like the voltage, temperature, present status of the device and even device fault detection etc. LCD’s have a very wide application in embedded systems and it is more preferred than seven segment displays. Alphanumeric LCDs are most commonly used in embedded projects since it is commonly available and easy to use.16×2 LCD [...]