UART Communication

Using UART of PIC Microcontroller – Hi Tech C

UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter. It is a serial communication interface which uses two lines for sending (TX) and receiving (RX) data. As its name indicates it is an asynchronous communication interface, which means it doesn’t need to send clock along with it as in synchronous communications. UART is the communication standard of our old computer’s RS-232 serial port. Most of the Microchip’s PIC Microcontrollers have built in USART Module. USART stands for Universal Synchronous Asynchronous [...]


PIC to PIC Communication using UART

Introduction PIC to PIC communication will be needed in some embedded applications. We have two options to transmit data through transmission lines.Parallel Transmission Serial TransmissionParallel Transmission Parallel Data Transmission In parallel communication an entire byte of data is transmitted at a time. That is each bit has dedicated line. Thus for 8-bit data transfer we need 8 dedicated lines as shown above. Serial Transmission Serial Data Transmission In Serial Transmission only one bit of a byte is transmitted at a time. There is only one communication line, thorough [...]