Author - Debarati

Blinking LED using PIC Microcontroller with Hi-Tech C

A lot of you may heard about microcontrollers and its applications. Well it is a bit difficult to start learning microcontrollers. And the guides and tutorials also do not start from zero level which makes learning far more difficult than anticipated. I have tried to start from zero level in here also. All you need is the simplest knowledge of electronics or digital circuits. But you surely should have a decent knowledge of C language. The software for programming Microchip [...]


Low Power Square Wave Inverter using CD4047

Inverter is a electrical device that converts DC Power to AC. We usually use the word Inverter for the device used in our households for mains power back up. It stores electrical energy in a battery and discharges it when need. Our household inverters mainly have two parts, Battery Charging Circuit and Inverter Circuit. Battery charging circuit charges the battery when power is available, which may be mains power, solar power or any other sources and the Inverter Circuit [...]

jk flip flop

JK Flip Flop Conversion Techniques

JK Flip Flop is the most commonly used flip flop but in some cases we need SR, D or T flip flop. In such cases we can easily convert JK flip flop to SR, D or T. The first thing that needs to be done for converting one flip flop into another is to draw the truth table for both the flip flops. The next step is to create the equivalent K-Maps for the required outputs. SR Flip Flop using [...]


D Flip Flop Conversion Techniques

D Flip Flop is primarily meant to provide delay as the output of this Flip Flop is same as the input. D Flip Flop can easily be made by using a SR Flip Flop or JK Flip Flop. But sometimes designers may be required to design other Flip Flops by using D Flip Flop. Here we discuss how to convert a D Flip Flop into JK and SR Flip Flops. The first thing that needs to be done for converting [...]


SR Flip Flop Conversion Techniques

SR Flip Flop is the basis of all other Flip Flop designs. But it has a major drawback that the output becomes not defined whenever both inputs S=R=1. Here we discuss how to convert a SR Flip Flop into JK and D Flip Flops. As you may know for T Flip Flop, both the inputs are same, which is a limitation in case both inputs are 1. So T Flip Flop cannot be realised here. The first thing that needs [...]