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CloudX - PIC Microcontroller Development Board

Bluetooth Home Automation With CloudX

Bluetooth wireless technology has grown to become one of the widely used protocols in the field of communication today. Although it has lower range of reach when compared to other wireless communication protocols such as WiFi and ZigBee ─with which it operates on the same frequency of 2.41 GHz; it is still very suitable for many low range applications. As a matter of fact, it has an enough bandwidth to meet most of our regular mobile and personal communication demands. It [...]

HC-05 Bluetooth Module

HC-05 Serial Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth is a technology for wireless communication. It is designed to replace cable connections.It uses serial communication to communicate with devices. It communicates with microcontroller using serial port (USART). Usually, it connects small devices like mobile phones, PDAs and TVs using a short-range wireless connection to exchange documents. It uses the 2.45GHz frequency band. The connection can be point-to-point or multi-point where the maximum range is 10 meters. The transfer rate of the data is 1Mbps. HC-05 Bluetooth module provides switching [...]