Wailing Siren using 555 Timer

Wailing Siren using 555 Timer – Hobby Project

Today we shall talk about a really amazing circuit that produces a sound of a siren. There are different types of circuits that produce different kinds of sounds. Here is a simple circuit that produces wailing siren. The main principle of this circuit is to produce a wailing siren. The 555 timer IC is operated in astable mode. When the switch is pressed, speaker produces high pitch siren and when it is released, its pitch decreases and is switched off [...]


Silver Ink to Print Electronics Circuits

A team of researchers at the University of Illinois, Hans Thurnauer, professor of materials science and engineering, and Jennifer Bernhard, a professor of electrical and computer engineering had developed Silver Ink to print high performance electronics circuits. Silver ink is a cheap and efficient way to print electronics circuits than that of our traditional copper.Developed ink is comprised of silver acetate dissolved in ammonia to give a clear solution. According to the Journal of the American Chemical Society the ink will sort out some of the problems [...]