EasyEDA vs DipTrace vs OrCAD

EasyEDA vs DipTrace vs OrCad

Today I am gonna write about my PCB designing journy that happend before 8 year. I started doing hobby circuits before 8 years and now I am doing professional circuits. Phase 1 : Hand Drawn (no Softwares) I started desiging PCB manually without using any softwares. Mostly I used graph papers to design PCB as it was very easy to make measurements and alignments. Several itrations of drawing was required to make even a small circuit. After the design is completed, I [...]


EasyEDA – A Cloud based PCB Design Software

Cloud computing is an internet based computing which relies on sharing computer resources. It enables us to use computer resources or processing power as a utility similar to using electricity. So we don’t need to make big computer infrastructure in our building, just use the cloud resources whenever there is a need. Nowadays everything become cloud computing, like cloud storage, word processing, business analytics etc. What is the role of cloud computing in electronics ? The question ends here, EasyEDA. [...]


Getting Started with DipTrace

DipTrace is a software that allows you to create simple and complex Printed Circuit Boards from schematic diagrams to layouts. It is a user friendly EDA software. We recommend this for electronics hobbyists, as it is a freeware allows us to design single layer and double layer PCBs upto 300 pins. You can purchase its paid version if you need more layers/pins. If you are a beginner to PCB designing, you should be familiar with following terms before going to pcb [...]


PCB Designing using OrCad Layout 10.5

OrCad is a highly developed and complex software that provides affordable and high performance PCB designing tools for small and industrial PCB designers. But for an electronic hobbyist, OrCad may seems to be highly complicated and time consuming when compared to other PCB designing tools. OrCad 9.2 is the commonly used version but it is not compatible with 64 bit and the next best choice is OrCad 10.5 as higher versions of OrCad are highly complicated. Thus in this tutorial, we will [...]


Building Your Own PCB : Printed Circuit Boards

The electronic product construction technique for many is the printed circuit board, or PCB. There are a number of ways to build a custom printed circuit board. Good quality copper clad should be used for manufacturing of printed circuit board. Materials that you use to make printed circuit boards come in various forms. You can buy either single- or double-sided copper clad. Unless you’re making a double-sided board, stick with single-sided clad. The board that you use to make your [...]


Silver Ink to Print Electronics Circuits

A team of researchers at the University of Illinois, Hans Thurnauer, professor of materials science and engineering, and Jennifer Bernhard, a professor of electrical and computer engineering had developed Silver Ink to print high performance electronics circuits. Silver ink is a cheap and efficient way to print electronics circuits than that of our traditional copper.Developed ink is comprised of silver acetate dissolved in ammonia to give a clear solution. According to the Journal of the American Chemical Society the ink will sort out some of the problems [...]