Samsung’s New Transistor Structure using Graphene

Samsung Electronics has Developed a new Transistor Structure using Graphene to increase the possibilities of transistor in future, reported online by the journal Science, 17th May.  The core R&D incubator for Samsung Electronics, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has developed new Graphene Transistor Device structure to hold the Moore's law true for a decade. This research is regarded as a significant step in the development of  transistors, that can overcome the limitations of conventional Silicon Transistors. We all know that Semiconductor Electronics Devices consists [...]

‘Graphene Quilts’ To Cool High-Power GaN Devices

Gallium Nitride is a binary semiconductor commonly used in bright LEDs since 1990's and used in wireless applications due to its high voltage operation and high efficiency operation. Since 2006 Graphene Transistors have been offered commercially. But like all other high power devices, the problem is to remove significant amount of dissipated heat which has to be removed fast and efficiently. Various Thermal Management solutions such as Composite substrates or  Flip-Chip Bonding   (also known as Controlled Collapse Chip connection or [...]

Graphene Transistors to Replace Silicon

Researchers at Manchester University makes a new footprint in the field of transistors. They developed a technique for improving the ON-OFF ratio of  Graphene transistors.  The newly developed Graphene transistors might replace silicon in computer chips. The main benefit of using Graphene for making transistors is that, we can scale down size of transistors to 10-15 atom across. Thus transistors can be made of nano-scale, thus it can have more transistors in chips, and makes them more powerful. Graphene's low resistance to the flow of electrons [...]