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Camouflage objects using Nano-Mirage Effect

Everyone of us was astonished by seeing the camouflage effect in the James bond movie. It was a brilliance of visual effects. But ever wondered if it works for real. Yes!!! The scientists are on the verge of the discovery of it. [youtube video_id=”UPFBPxFDFB8″ width=”880″ height=”495″] The mechanism has now been developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas. They were able to detect a unique characteristic in carbon nano-tubes with a kind of mirage effect which helps to switch on and [...]

Nanowire 3D Transistor New Design

Nanowire 3D Transistors Becomes More Compact

A transistor is a very important electronic device which is used to amplify and switch electronic signals. Semiconductor Chip makers started to use 3D Transistors in 2011 to reduce the size and increase the efficiency of chips. They can pack more 3D transistors into a single chip since it is much more compact than traditional planar transistor. The amount of compactness will not be sufficient for future generations of semiconductor chips and to keep the pace of Moore’s Law. Thus there is [...]

Chemical Circuit

The First Chemical Circuit Developed

Ion Transistors for the transport of both positive and negative ions, as well as biomolecules had been previously developed by a group of Organic Electronics research team at Linköping University. Now Tybrandt has now succeed in developing circuits using these Transistors similar to traditional silicon electronics. In essence of this technology we can build computer chips that can directly interface with our body cells. The major advantage of chemical circuit is that the charge carrier consists of chemical substances with various functions and this gives us [...]

nano vacuum tubes

Nano Vacuum Tubes : The Future of Computing

Vacuum Tubes Reloads…. Vacuum Tubes are used in computing, switching, amplification and rectification right up to 60s. Then it died a quick death since most applications solid state device such as semiconductor devices have replaced them. We all know that Semiconductor devices are small in size and cheaper than vacuum tube devices. Silicon transistors are cheaper but they are slower and susceptible to radiation. The performance of Silicon Transistors, far away from Vacuum Tube devices due to their compact size, no heating time, reduced [...]


Samsung’s New Transistor Structure using Graphene

Samsung Electronics has Developed a new Transistor Structure using Graphene to increase the possibilities of transistor in future, reported online by the journal Science, 17th May.  The core R&D incubator for Samsung Electronics, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has developed new Graphene Transistor Device structure to hold the Moore’s law true for a decade. This research is regarded as a significant step in the development of  transistors, that can overcome the limitations of conventional Silicon Transistors. We all know that Semiconductor Electronics Devices consists [...]


‘Graphene Quilts’ To Cool High-Power GaN Devices

Gallium Nitride is a binary semiconductor commonly used in bright LEDs since 1990’s and used in wireless applications due to its high voltage operation and high efficiency operation. Since 2006 Graphene Transistors have been offered commercially. But like all other high power devices, the problem is to remove significant amount of dissipated heat which has to be removed fast and efficiently. Various Thermal Management solutions such as Composite substrates or  Flip-Chip Bonding   (also known as Controlled Collapse Chip connection or [...]


Intel launched Ivy Bridge Chips with 3D Transistors and 22nm Process

The giant chip maker Intel has finally released its 3ed generation chips named Ivy Bridge. They says that the new microprocessor chips used fundamentally different technology. These chips comes with 3D Transistors and are manufactured at 22nm process. The new technology will ensure high processing speed along with power saving. The chip makers keep the pace of Moore’s law by making the new chips using 3d transistor technology along with other advanced capabilities. We can hope that, customers will certainly welcome the [...]


Optical Transistors Out of Silicon : Significant step towards Optical Computing

We all know that electrons are good at processing information, but they are incapable of carrying information over long distances. On the other hand, Photons can carry information all around the planet but their processing is hectic. So we use electrons for processing and photons for long distance data transmission. Thus we need significant amount of power to convert optical information to electronic and vice versa. Hence there is no wonder in the fact  that  researchers pay significant interest in developing [...]