Intel launched Ivy Bridge Chips with 3D Transistors and 22nm Process

The giant chip maker Intel has finally released its 3ed generation chips named Ivy Bridge. They says that the new microprocessor chips used fundamentally different technology. These chips comes with 3D Transistors and are manufactured at 22nm process. The new technology will ensure high processing speed along with power saving. The chip makers keep the pace of Moore's law by making the new chips using 3d transistor technology along with other advanced capabilities. We can hope that, customers will certainly welcome the [...]

Germanium Nanowire Transistors

Intel revels that they had developed P-Channel Germanium Transistors,it is combined with complementary III-V N-channel transistors and forms  CMOS architecture. Germanium was found to be limited due to greater current leakage, for many years. Now the focus on germanium is due to the fact that, Germanium is more mobile than Silicon. For more than a decade, the extensive use of Germanium over Silicon has been discussing, and the first Germanium processors were predicted before 15 years, to arrive in 2007 to 2008 time. Similarly the [...]

3D Transistor : Intel Reinvents Transistors

Transistor is a very important electronic device which is used to amplify and switch signals. It was using 2D design since the invention, about 50 years ago. Now Intel introduces a revolutionary 3D Transistor design called Tri-Gate. This technology was first introduced by Intel in 2002 to high volume manufacture of 22-nanometer (nm) node in a chip named "Ivy Bridge." The Three dimensional Tri-Gate transistors will replace the traditional planar two dimensional transistor structure that is used in today's computers, mobiles and [...]