Intel launched Ivy Bridge Chips with 3D Transistors and 22nm Process

Intel launched Ivy Bridge Chips with 3D Transistors and 22nm Process

The giant chip maker Intel has finally released its 3ed generation chips named Ivy Bridge. They says that the new microprocessor chips used fundamentally different technology. These chips comes with 3D Transistors and are manufactured at 22nm process. The new technology will ensure high processing speed along with power saving. The chip makers keep the pace of Moore’s law by making the new chips using 3d transistor technology along with other advanced capabilities. We can hope that, customers will certainly welcome the new chip, because of the competence of it predecessors including the current Sandy Bridge chips.

We know that transistors are the heart of processors and a microprocessor contains millions of it. Until today transistors were 2D (planar) devices, but Intel’s new Ivy Bridge chips comes with sophisticated 3D Tri-Gate Transistors. The new Ivy Bridge chips will power Gaming PC’s, Servers, Super Computers and all-in-one PC’s. We can hope that through this new line of chips, Intel will dominate in chip market with its major rival AMD. Now we will discuss some of the important features of the new Ivy Bridge chips.

Ivy Bridge chips are relatively smaller and lighter in weight as it utilizes advanced technologies. The 3D Transistors these chips are lighter compared to transistors used in previous chips of Intel, through this Intel delivers the advantages of Moore’s law to its users. Intel has shrunk the Manufacturing technology of Ivy Bridge chips lower to 22nm because Intel notes that smaller chips are better in providing higher performance and higher efficiency. Intel says that in 2007 their CPU manufacturing process has changed to 45nm with high-k/metal gate, in 2009 to 32nm and now to 22nm with the world’s first 3-D transistor in a high volume logic process.

Intel has made the new Ivy Bridge transistors in such a way that it can work efficiently even at lower voltages. Thus through this advanced sophisticated Ivy Bridge chips Intel strengthened its domination in global chip market and the company lifts up challenge not only to AMD but also to ARM holding the mobile chip market.

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