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Rain Alarm using 555 Timer - PCB

Rain Alarm using 555 Timer

Here is a simple and interesting hobby circuit that can be made using the popular 555 timer IC. As you might already know, a 555 Timer can be easily wired as Astable, Monostable or Bistable multivibrator. This circuit can be used as rain sensor, water overflow sensor or as a water level sensor. This circuit make use the principle that normal water can conduct some amount of electricity (PURE water is not a good conductor of electricity but water seen [...]


Interfacing HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor with Raspberry Pi

All living beings radiate energy to the surroundings in the form of infrared radiations which are invisible to human eyes. A PIR (Passive infrared) sensor can be used to detect these passive radiations. When an object (human or animal) emitting infrared radiations passes through the field of view of the sensor, it detects the change in temperature and therefore can be used to detect motion. HC-SR501 uses differential detection with two pyroelectric infrared sensors. By taking difference of the values, the [...]

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks

There is no iota of doubt that modern world is heading towards smart and bright future which very strongly presents the need of smart environment. The concept of smart environments highlights the requirement of gathering the data from the real world with the help of sensors just like human beings receive the sensory data from the surroundings using sense organs and using that collected data for diverse application areas including environmental, medical, military, transportation, entertainment, crisis management, homeland defence, [...]