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BLDC Ceiling Fans

Normal Fans vs BLDC Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan is the most widely used domestic cooling appliance in India. These machines usually run for hours and are often known to be energy hoggers. They make up a large percentage of the total residential energy consumption in tropical countries like India. In such a scenario, the advent of BLDC fans in the market is helping change the situation for the better by promoting energy efficiency. Compared to conventional ceiling fans, BLDC fans are much more technologically advanced. [...]


Camouflage objects using Nano-Mirage Effect

Everyone of us was astonished by seeing the camouflage effect in the James bond movie. It was a brilliance of visual effects. But ever wondered if it works for real. Yes!!! The scientists are on the verge of the discovery of it. [youtube video_id=”UPFBPxFDFB8″ width=”880″ height=”495″] The mechanism has now been developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas. They were able to detect a unique characteristic in carbon nano-tubes with a kind of mirage effect which helps to switch on and [...]

Carbon Nanotube

Carbon Nanotubes to Replace Silicon in Computer Chips

A new technique to produce Carbon Nanotubes massively have developed by a group of researchers at IBM including one Indian. The previous experimental results from IBM researches indicated that Carbon Nanotube Transistors can offer better performance over Silicon at sub 10 nm lengths. The team also revealed that they have developed a Carbon Chip made using Nano-sized tubes of carbon with more than 10,000 transistors. Carbon Nanotubes are formed by rolling single atomic sheets of carbon in the form of a tube as [...]


LFC : Light Field Camera – Take your snaps.. Focus later..

You may have face a number of situations where the images you captured gets blurred. Or sometimes you may miss to click some valuable moments due to delay in focusing. Imagine a camera that doesn’t need to focus before taking a snap. Just take some clicks at random. Don’t bother whether it blurred or not. Microlens panel in LFC Light Field Camera, or called plenoptic camera, consists of a million of microlens to capture 4D light field information from all the distances, obtaining [...]

Albert Einstein

Einstein’s Theory Stays – Neutrino Not Faster Than Light

“Neutrinos are faster than light”–  The finding by the scientists of CERN gets a final nail in the coffin. Scientists of the CERN themselves confirmed that neutrinos were not faster than light.Last year OPERA (experiment behind the first faster than light finding) found out than neutrinos were faster than light, neutrinos were making the 454-mile (730-kilometer) underground trip between the two labs more speedily than light, arriving there 60 nanoseconds earlier than a beam of light would. The results were checked [...]


Carl Zeiss Presents INFRARED 800 and FLOW 800

The INFRARED 800 and FLOWR 800 fluorescence modules from Carl Zeiss Meditec can now enable neurosurgeons to understand the speed and direction of the blood flow efficiently and quickly during surgery. The technology, which is also available for plastic & reconstructive surgery in  assessing of viable tissue useful in graft surgery. This will enable surgeons to evaluate tissue grafts perfusion before transplantation. Vascular occlusions become visible within a few seconds and can be immediately treated.Carl Zeiss is expected present to [...]


Panasonic Eluga Power

Panasonic has returned to the European smartphone markets with the release of the new Panasonic Eluga Power.Panasonic has now come up with a narrow frame which enables them to pack a  1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, NFC technology, 8MP camera with full HD (1080p) video recording) Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and 5-inch HD screen in an amazingly thin 9.6mm. This narrow frame technology along with the back cover slanting in, makes it look much smaller [...]