Author - Karthik Narayanan

IC LM317

Variable Power Supply using LM317 Voltage Regulator

Until now we had discussed about different voltage regulator IC’s including 7805,723 etc but what’s to be noted was that these were all fixed voltage regulators.So now we shall see how design a simple variable voltage regulator using an LM317 IC. Block Diagram This circuit, like all voltage regulators  must  follow the same general block diagram Block Diagram of Power Supply Here, we have got an input high voltage AC going into a transformer which usually steps down the high voltage AC from [...]

IC LM723 Voltage Regulator

IC LM 723 Voltage Regulator

The 723 voltage regulator is a voltage regulator commonly used for series voltage regulator applications. With an ability to provide upto 150 mA of current to the load, but this can be extended to any range with the help of some extra circuit involving common components like transistors. It also comes with comparatively low standby current drain, and provision is made for either linear or foldback current limiting.


What’s Inside an Electrolytic Capacitor?

The aluminium electrolytic capacitor consists of two foils sandwiched between absorbent paper, and wound tightly into a cylinder. The anode, is composed of pure aluminium foil with aluminium oxide formed electrolytically on the surface. The foil has been etched to increase the effective surface area. The cathode is made of high-absorption paper mixed with an electrolyte, in contact with a cathode foil. The electrolyte is used to ensure good contact with the anode, by permeating its etched structure, and also to repair any flaws in the oxide layer when the capacitor is [...]


Integrated sensors to handle extreme conditions

A team ofengineers has created silicon carbide based amplifiers having applications in both aerospace and energy industries. The devices can take extreme heat even upto 600 degree Celsius.These integrated circuits are designed over a wide-band-gap semiconductor. According to Dr.Garverick, “Most semi-conductors are made out of silicon, but silicon will not function above 300 degrees Celsius, and there are some important applications above that range.” So his team started to use silicon carbide,which begins to act as semiconductors at high temperatures.Engineers at [...]


Custom-Made Magnets

The properties of a substance depends almost entirely on its constituent atoms and how these atoms interact with each other. But a finite number of atom types, imposes a limit on the variation of properties that a conventional material may have. But a new range of engineered materials called metamaterials have opened a whole new dimension in this field . Metamaterials are composed of sets of nanostructures which are able to interact with electromagnetic waves in almost the same [...]


Carl Zeiss Presents INFRARED 800 and FLOW 800

The INFRARED 800 and FLOWR 800 fluorescence modules from Carl Zeiss Meditec can now enable neurosurgeons to understand the speed and direction of the blood flow efficiently and quickly during surgery. The technology, which is also available for plastic & reconstructive surgery in  assessing of viable tissue useful in graft surgery. This will enable surgeons to evaluate tissue grafts perfusion before transplantation. Vascular occlusions become visible within a few seconds and can be immediately treated.Carl Zeiss is expected present to [...]