IC LM317

Variable Power Supply using LM317 Voltage Regulator

Until now we had discussed about different voltage regulator IC’s including 7805,723 etc but what’s to be noted was that these were all fixed voltage regulators.So now we shall see how design a simple variable voltage regulator using an LM317 IC. Block Diagram This circuit, like all voltage regulators  must  follow the same general block diagram Block Diagram of Power Supply Here, we have got an input high voltage AC going into a transformer which usually steps down the high voltage AC from [...]

Paper Battery

Paper Battery – The Future Power Source

Do you feel that the batteries we use now are bulky?? Here comes the solution for the problem of bulkiness. The Paper Battery Paper Battery A paper battery is an energy source which is more flexible and thin. This device is a combination of carbon nanotubes with cellulose based paper.  The paper battery can act in two ways. A battery  as well as a super capacitor. These non-toxic, flexible batteries  can be used as a power source to next generation electronic devices, medical [...]

LM7805 - Pin Diagram

5V Power Supply using 7805 Voltage Regulator with Design

In most of our electronic products or projects we need a power supply for converting mains AC voltage to a regulated DC voltage. For making a power supply designing of each and every component is essential. Here I’m going to discuss the designing of  regulated 5V Power Supply. Let’s start with very basic things the choosing of components Component List :Step down transformer Voltage regulator Capacitors DiodesLet’s get into detail of rating of the devices : Voltage regulator : As we require a 5V we need LM7805 Voltage [...]

X Rated Capacitor

TransformerLess Low Cost DC Power Supply : Resistive & Capacitive

One on the major part of our electronics products is the DC Power Supply that converts mains AC voltage to a lower DC voltage. Usually we use a step down transformer to reduce mains AC voltage to desired low voltage AC and then convert it to DC or we use Switched Mode Power Supplies. But in both cases cost is very high and it takes considerable amount of space. Another Low Cost alternative for Transformer and Switcher based power [...]

Bridge Rectifier Circuit Diagram

Bridge Rectifier

Rectifier A rectifier is a device that converts AC into DC. The power available to us is in the form of AC. But almost all electrical equipments work on DC. So we need a converter   that converts AC into DC. We employ a rectifier circuit for this purpose. Rectifiers are basically classified into Half Wave and Full wave according to the cycles (either Half of a cycle or Full) that are rectified. Among these the bridge rectifier is the most [...]