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12V Capacitor Dropper Power Supply Output

Transformerless Capacitor Dropper Power Supply

I already posted about transformerless power supplies in the article, Transformerless DC Power Supply. Here we will see how to design a capacitor dropper power supply. Capacitor power supplies are simple, low cost and light weight solution for providing dc supplies to circuits which require low currents. It is low cost and light weight since there is no bulky transformers. Circuit Diagram Transformerless Capacitor Power Supply 12V 40mA The 200mA fuse will protect the circuit from mains during shot circuit or component failures. The [...]

X Rated Capacitor

TransformerLess Low Cost DC Power Supply : Resistive & Capacitive

One on the major part of our electronics products is the DC Power Supply that converts mains AC voltage to a lower DC voltage. Usually we use a step down transformer to reduce mains AC voltage to desired low voltage AC and then convert it to DC or we use Switched Mode Power Supplies. But in both cases cost is very high and it takes considerable amount of space. Another Low Cost alternative for Transformer and Switcher based power [...]