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What’s Inside an Electrolytic Capacitor?

The aluminium electrolytic capacitor consists of two foils sandwiched between absorbent paper, and wound tightly into a cylinder. The anode, is composed of pure aluminium foil with aluminium oxide formed electrolytically on the surface. The foil has been etched to increase the effective surface area. The cathode is made of high-absorption paper mixed with an electrolyte, in contact with a cathode foil. The electrolyte is used to ensure good contact with the anode, by permeating its etched structure, and also to repair any flaws in the oxide layer when the capacitor is [...]

Inside a Crystal Oscillator…….!!

A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit which uses inverse piezoelectric effect, ie when electric field is applied across certain materials it produces mechanical deformation. Thus it uses mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric materiel to create an electric signal with very precise frequency. They have high stability, quality factor, small size and low cost and this makes them superior over other resonators like LC circuit, ceramic resonator, turning forks etc. This image show a 8MHz crystal oscillator commonly used in microcontrollers and microprocessors. Although [...]