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IC LM 723 Voltage Regulator

The 723 voltage regulator is a voltage regulator commonly used for series voltage regulator applications. With an ability to provide upto 150 mA of current to the load, but this can be extended to any range with the help of some extra circuit involving common components like transistors. It also comes with comparatively low standby current drain, and provision is made for either linear or foldback current limiting.

555 Timer IC

The 555 Timer is the one of the most versatile linear hybrid Integrated Circuit (IC) which is used in variety of  pulse generation, timer and oscillator applications. In 1972, Signetics Corporation first introduced this device as the SE/NE 555. 555 Timer Now a days it is manufactured by many companies in bipolar and in low power CMOS. It is widely used in electronics circuits as it is very simple and cheap method to produce accurate and highly stable time delays. It can be used for various...