Intel’s new Warranty plan to cover Processors damaged by Overclocking and Overvoltaging

Intel’s new Warranty plan to cover Processors damaged by Overclocking and Overvoltaging

Overclocking has been an inevitable part of high end performance personal computers for many years.  Most of the tool that available today to boost the performance of our computers are harmful to our processors due to overclocking and overvoltaging. The devices that are damaged by these are not covered by warranty policies. Intel Corp. has decided to change it.

Targeted on these enthusiast community Intel introduced a new pilot plan on Wednesday called Performance Tuning Protection Plan(PTPP). The new pilot service plan is available  for “K”, “X”, and LGA2011-socketed boxed processors. The Performance Turning Protection Plan offers certain out of warranty service in the event of damage caused by overclocking and overvoltaging by the user.  These processors are available at the rate of $20 to $35 depending upon the processor.  This plan enables the user to receive one time replacement of  their processor if it is fail during performance tuning due to overvoltaging or overclocking. This pilot plan will last for six months.

At present the plan covers Intel Core i5-2500K, Core i7-2600K, Core i7-2700K, Core i7-3930K, Core i7-3960X central processing units. Eventually Intel is likely to expand the list.

These enthusiastic community is a critical market segment for Intel, for that Intel starts to sell High performance coolers for processors that includes liquid cooling technology.

Main aim of Intel Corp. is to increase its market and popularity among these enthusiastic community. This will allow the enthusiastic community to make record through Intel’s chip


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