Nvida Tegra 3 processor

Nvida Tegra 3 processor

It is true that Nvida did some good work to come up with the Tergra 2 smartphone/tablet processor last year,But considering the hype following the release the new Tegra 3 processor later this year, it seems that the are ready to do even better.With the arrival of the Asus Transformer prime the first of the benchmark scores are starting to come out.Nvidia’s new quad-core mobile platform which is likely to power a pretty large share of  Ice Cream Sandwich tablets does give the idea that it can rule the market for a fair bit of time. For Nvida had been touting Tegra 3’s processing power stating that it will  will absolutely trounce all competitors including the aging dual-core Apple A5, but it seems that the A5 keeps ip just fine.

According to the early benchmarks it seems that the transformer prime can, though slighty, out run the iPad 2.Most of the benchmarks used real world activities such as web browsing , JavaScript and graphic rendering to evaluate their performance and only when using GLBenchmark 2.1 does the Transformer Prime effectively outpace the iPad 2.And it has to be noted that  the A5 in the iPad 2 actually beats the Tegra 3 in BaseMark ES 2.0 frame/ sec OpenGL test. This is infact good for the A5 side as Tegra 3′s quad-core setup was expected to chop up the A5 when directly compared.

Tis is only one side of the matter , for an average user what realy matters is not how well your tablet runs javascript or about companion cores but its efficiency, and it does not let us down in that matter also.But also e much slower processor with much greater availability of apps still reigns strong.



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