Intel launched Ivy Bridge Chips with 3D Transistors and 22nm Process

The giant chip maker Intel has finally released its 3ed generation chips named Ivy Bridge. They says that the new microprocessor chips used fundamentally different technology. These chips comes with 3D Transistors and are manufactured at 22nm process. The new technology will ensure high processing speed along with power saving. The chip makers keep the pace of Moore's law by making the new chips using 3d transistor technology along with other advanced capabilities. We can hope that, customers will certainly welcome the [...]

ARM’s First 64-bit Processors

ARM will introduce its First 64-bit processors later in this year targeting on servers and high-end smart phones. They are also started to taking steps to build up software support for the s64-bit processor designs. Most of the smart phones and tablets that we use today use ARM processors. Now the company is trying to dominate its market as Intel dominate in server market. New ARM processors will be licensed to device makers and  based on the ARMv8 architecture. These will be in market by 2014, after it will [...]

Intel’s new Warranty plan to cover Processors damaged by Overclocking and Overvoltaging

Overclocking has been an inevitable part of high end performance personal computers for many years.  Most of the tool that available today to boost the performance of our computers are harmful to our processors due to overclocking and overvoltaging. The devices that are damaged by these are not covered by warranty policies. Intel Corp. has decided to change it. Targeted on these enthusiast community Intel introduced a new pilot plan on Wednesday called Performance Tuning Protection Plan(PTPP). The new pilot service [...]