Samsung Galaxy Nexus violates Apple’s slide-to-unlock Utility Patent

Samsung and Apple, the two electronic giants are having war in a court in Germany.  Samsung recently lost one out of seven infringement claims against Apple in Germany related to 3g/UMTS functionality. In three court hearings, slide-to-unlock invention was discussed. The first was in December where Apple raised slide-to-unlock patent lawsuit against Samsung, second they also fought against Motorola for the same patent. Now the case by Apple against Samsung with a utility model. The interesting fact is that, Apple fought against Samsung who made Google Phone Galaxy Nexus without suing [...]


Yes this time it's the wonder phone from Apple.The 'Iphone 4S'...........................                                                               We have seen the impossibles being done by Apple along with their Iphone and the all new Iphone 4S is yet another one to the collection.Well one might think that there's not much difference between the 4 and [...]