Yes this time it’s the wonder phone from Apple.The ‘Iphone 4S’………………………

                                                              We have seen the impossibles being done by Apple along with their Iphone and the all new Iphone 4S is yet another one to the collection.Well one might think that there’s not much difference between the 4 and 4S , you are absolutely wrong.The S can be assigned


4 Steve(oh yea!!!!!!!)



Although 4 and 4S are alike in appearence there are some differences and we can say the 4S is an all new Iphone 4!!!!!!!!The highlighting features of 4S are

*It’s so small, smaller than the android smartphones and has perfect grabability with a weight of 140 grams.

If the message shows in Blue, it’s a free iMessage. If it is green, it’s a paid SMS

*It’s faster(800 Mhz A5 processor).Powered by the dual core chip that is used in Ipad 2 with 512 MB RAM and a storage capacity of 64 GB.(I am trying hard to fill up the 16 GB on my phone….and 64 GB!!!!!!).There are some changes in the wireless network.It is a quadband UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA (850, 900, 1,900, 2,100MHz) and quad-band GSM / EDGE (850, 900, 1,800, 1,900MHZ) device and also offers dual-band CDMA EV-DO Rev. A (900, 1,900MHz).

* And now about the display

The same 3.5 inch screen as in iphone 4 with a resolution of 960×640 along with the retina display makes it so beautiful.It’s one of the best and the brightest display now available on a phone.But the screen size is something that should be taken into account.It’s just 3.5 inch(damn small).3.5 inch screens are getting out of date.It’s time for a 4.2 inch screen or even a bigger display.

*4S is intelligent :-).Siri can be assigned perfectly 4 the S of 4S.It’s one of the unique feature of Iphone 4S.Siri can be your virtual guide or assistant.It’s a stunning and revolutionary update capable of performing a laarge number of tasks from  sending texts and emails to finding restaurants and getting directions from one place to another.It’s really the enhanced ability to understand casually spoken English mixed in with the notion of context that sets this apart.

*The camera is upgraded to 8 MP(yes it’s 8 MP , am not wrong :-D) with f/2.4 aperture.It’s ofcourse an impressive package.The pictures taken with it are quite clear(crystal clear).

Photos taken from Iphone 4S and Galaxy S2

*The battery life is better than in Iphone 4.Apple promises up to eight hours of battery life on an active 3G connection, which is up one hour from the 4. Curiously, though, standby time has dropped from 300 hours on the 4 to 200 on the 4S. (This phone is, apparently, something of a restless sleeper.) Other stats remain the same: 14 hours on GSM, 10 hours of video watching and 40 hours of listening to tunes.





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