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Why we need Windows 8 ?

Start Screen :   Microsoft is making one of the biggest upgrades through Windows 8. It replaces Start Menu with Start Screen which have tiles that contains shortcut to Applications, which is smiler to Metro interface on Windows Phone 7 OS. It will also introduce the Ribbon Interface which seen in Office 2007 to Windows Explorer. It will also launch a App store for Metro style apps that will support Windows 8. The Windows 8 has been designed to give support to ARM processors [...]


WebOS to go open source-will HP get it right?

With Android and iOS ruling the roost in the mobile market and Windows expected to make some spectacular breakthrough in the near future, it seems like HP is making some serious attempt to revive the vanishing operating system WebOS as on December 9th, HP has announced that WebOS will soon be released as an open source platform. As the OS is almost left to disappearing due to its weak tablet and smartphone sales, one cannot deny asking the question: [...]