Author - Vysakh P.R

Neutrinos at the speed of light– wrong

Recently , more precisely last September, Scientists claimed that they discovered Neutrinos travlling fastr than the speed of light.But on February 2012, scientists reported that this was due to equipment failure. Last Year Scientists were working on OPERA, an Italian experiment, produced a result that shocked the scientific world. It showed that  Neutrinos travelled at a speed greater than the speed of light. Most of the Einstein’s Theory about space and time was based on the fact that the speed [...]


Do we need to ‘travel at the speed of light’ to travel at the speed of light??- Alcubierre warp

For many years , our scientists have been thriving to find out new efficient ways to explore the depthness and vastness of our universe. Needless to say, and also   unfortunately the greatest obstacle to this was the mindboggling vastness of the universe. If we explore the science of space, then we can see that even with the latest technologies we wont accomplish the required speed for traversing the universe. Travelling at the speed of light is an impossible task for [...]


Lightning- An all new destructive weapon???

Humans have been always eager to search for  various weapons that could destroy anything at their wish. Hydrogen Bombs and Atom Bombs are the most latest editions of these curiosity along with EMPs(Electro Magnetic Pulse) etc… Eventhough man have capitalized in the depth of science to develop these, he had often wondered about the destructive forces of Nature . Lightning is an example of these.In a world of severe electricity drought, the power of Electricity in Lightning is always [...]