Neutrinos at the speed of light– wrong

Neutrinos at the speed of light– wrong

Recently , more precisely last September, Scientists claimed that they discovered Neutrinos travlling fastr than the speed of light.But on February 2012, scientists reported that this was due to equipment failure.

Last Year Scientists were working on OPERA, an Italian experiment, produced a result that shocked the scientific world. It showed that  Neutrinos travelled at a speed greater than the speed of light. Most of the Einstein’s Theory about space and time was based on the fact that the speed limit of the Universe is the speed of light . He claimed that nobody or nothing can cross the speed of light.

As this experiment contradicted this theory, Scientific world became excited as that would mean that all we thought about space and time may be wrong. But disappointingly, scientists said this was due to the loosening of one of their cable wires which lead to a miscalculation in measurement . They are going to  try an another shot  at that experiment with all their experiments timed to perfection. Scientisfic world are waiting anxiously for the resul…ts

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