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555 Timer

Generating PWM Using 555 Timer IC

In applications like Motor Speed Control, LED Brightness Control we may want to vary voltage given to it. Most often we use a variable resistor for that. The main problem with this control is the power dissipation across the variable resistor. This problem can be avoided by using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). In this method the average voltage delivered to the load is controlled by varying the duty cycle of the rectangular wave.  Here I'm going to discuss one of the simple technique to [...]

555 Timer

Astable Multivibrator using 555 Timer

An Astable Multivibrator is an oscillator circuit that continuously produces rectangular wave without the aid of external triggering. So Astable Multivibrator is also known as Free Running Multivibrator. I have already posted about Astable Multivibrator using Transistors. Astable Multivibrator using 555 Timer is very simple, easy to design, very stable and low cost. It can be used for timing from microseconds to hours. Due to these reasons 555 has a large number of applications and it is a popular [...]

555 Timer

555 Timer IC

The 555 Timer is the one of the most versatile linear hybrid Integrated Circuit (IC) which is used in variety of  pulse generation, timer and oscillator applications. In 1972, Signetics Corporation first introduced this device as the SE/NE 555. Now a days it is manufactured by many companies in bipolar and in low power CMOS. It is widely used in electronics circuits as it is very simple and cheap method to produce accurate and highly stable time delays. It can be used for various [...]