Author - Manoj Shenoy

Switch Debouncing

Haven’t you all noticed about the fact that sometimes while pressing a remote of a TV once, the channel shifts by 2 levels or more. Some may have even seen when a tuning button of an old FM radio has pressed the channel advances more than the desired. What is the reason behind it?  Have anyone thought about it?  The answer lies within the switches. The problem is ‘Switch Bounce‘. Switch Bounce Switch bounce or contact bounce or even called as [...]

Metal Oxide Varistor

MOV – Metal Oxide Varistor

We are using a number of electrical devices in daily life which deals with high voltage and current. We should be careful in supplying the voltage to the device. If  the voltage we supplied is more than that the device is designed to handle, such voltages are called transient voltage or power surge. If  the surge last too long it can end up in the burning of the components and eventually damaging the device. To protect device the from such sudden [...]


Capacitor Codes

Electronics deals with circuits and the one who deals with it should be aware about each and every component used. Not only the component but also its values matters the most. Slight change in value will lead to terrible errors, so to avoid that problem one must be aware of selecting the component values and to check whether it is right or not. Most of us is aware about resistor color code but only few know to identify the capacitance [...]


Camouflage objects using Nano-Mirage Effect

Everyone of us was astonished by seeing the camouflage effect in the James bond movie. It was a brilliance of visual effects. But ever wondered if it works for real. Yes!!! The scientists are on the verge of the discovery of it. [youtube video_id=”UPFBPxFDFB8″ width=”880″ height=”495″] The mechanism has now been developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas. They were able to detect a unique characteristic in carbon nano-tubes with a kind of mirage effect which helps to switch on and [...]


Cell Phone Controlled Land Rover Using Logic Gates

What’s Science for a small child ?At that age, no one of us is aware about the vast branches in science ,yet we are very curious to know.There will be lots of  Why’s and How’s in our mind which makes the elders irritated.By seeing a toy car,we always get wondered. Without knowing any robotics or electronics inside we just want to make our own toy car with clay and blocks.So its not wrong to say that every child has scientist [...]