Author - Aswin Babu G K

PWM using Arduino

Pulse Width Modulation : PWM using Arduino

PWM using Arduino Pulse Width Modulation or PWM is a method of Digital to Analog Conversion. It helps in delivering analog average voltage using digital pulses of variable pulse width. By controlling the on time and off time, we can generate an analog average voltage using the digital pulses. PWM has a wide range of application. It is used in DC motor speed control, Brightness control of LED lamps etc. Here in this simple experiment to understand the PWM working in ARDUINO, [...]


Analog to Digital Conversion in ARDUINO

Analog to digital conversion module of ARDUINO UNO has 6 input ports. The number of the port varies with your ARDUINO model but the coding remains the same. The analog reading in the analog inputs are converted into corresponding 10bit(0-1023). ARDUINO developers have made such an option that you can print anything and see it on the Serial monitor. This example demonstrates analog input usage by reading an analog sensor on analog pin 0 and turning on and off a [...]


3D Printing Technology or Stereo Lithography

3D printing technology or Stereo lithography is the process of printing  3dimensional figures by the method of layer deposition. 3D printing is achieved by employing additive processes, where an object is developed by laying down successive layers of material. Three Dimensional Printing requires Rapid Prototyping (RP) for the creation of the functional parts and tooling directly from a CAD model. Until now, 3D printing has been extensively used for building moulds/ prototypes for industrial applications and numerous other places. With the advent [...]


nokia’s new GEM concept

You might have heard of devices with huge 4″ and bigger displays might be all the rage in today’s smartphone market but Nokia’s Research team is going one step further with its concept phone for the future and turning the entire device into a morphing touchscreen display.Nokia releases its new 100% touch screen concept mobile phone. Nokia GEM, 100% touch screen and 100% conceptual. Its design is such user friendly that it will act as a camera when you want [...]


Microsoft Surface Technology

Microsoft Surface is a multi-touch surface computing platform that responds to natural hand gestures and real objects. It creates a simple and user friendly interface between user and digital content. It has a 360-degree user interface, a 30 in (76 cm) reflective surface with a XGA DLP projector underneath the surface which projects an image onto its underside, while five cameras in the machine’s housing record reflections of infrared light from objects and human fingertips on the surface. Surface [...]