nokia’s new GEM concept

nokia’s new GEM concept

You might have heard of devices with huge 4″ and bigger displays might be all the rage in today’s smartphone market but Nokia’s Research team is going one step further with its concept phone for the future and turning the entire device into a morphing touchscreen display.

Nokia releases its new 100% touch screen concept mobile phone. Nokia GEM, 100% touch screen and 100% conceptual.
Its design is such user friendly that it will act as a camera when you want to take photos and its appearance changes instantaneously according to the function you select.

We till now may not have thought in such a different way. But Nokia has dared to think in such a creative way. The company, of late, has released a new phone concept – GEM – which has potential to revolutionize the mobile design by turning the entire handset into a touchscreen.

This new concept of nokia is compactable only with full touch screen technology since it has no default appearance. This GEM mobile is a revolutionary concept that is going to change the entire mobile concept. The amazing feature of GEM is that it could be dressed as you like and this could be beneficial for the user to use in different situations.

There is a wide application for this concept in military field also. It’s quite a different idea, and also the one that we would be eagerly waiting to become reality.

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