Nokia Reset Codes

Nokia Reset Codes

Here are some of the important codes that might come useful to you if you are a nokia userNokia 6500 Slide Mobile Phone

*#06# – to get your IMEI number

*#0000#- to view software version

*#7780#- to soft reset your phone (does not delete user info such as contacts, sms)

*#7370#- to hard reset your phone (deletes all user info)

*#2820#- bluetooth device address

*#62209526# – MAC address

For complete restoration (Do this if your phone does not boot up)
How to do it:
1) Remove the battery, and put it back after 10 sec or so

2) Press and hold these three keys together -Green dial key, Star key[*], Three key [3](in some phones green button + red button + camera button)

3) switch ON the phone.

4) Do not let go the three keys until you see the WELCOME screen displayed and just let it complete the boot process

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