Microchip to Increase 25% Performance of dsPIC(R) DSCs

Microchip to Increase 25% Performance of dsPIC(R) DSCs

Microchip Inc. is a leading  manufacture of micro-controller,  Flash IP and analog solutions, memory etc and provides low cost easy way for product development. Microchip has announced a 25% performance increase on its dsPIC33F  “GS” series of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) for Switched Mode Power Supply ( SMPSs). Its features includes on-chip peripherals for digital power applications such as, Analog Comparator, Pulse Width Modulation and Digital to Analog Converter modules. It also provides 5o MIPS performance. It can support many applications such as Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), Power Factor correction, Induction Cooking, Intelligent Battery Chargers, DC to DC as well as AC to DC power conversion applications, Fluorescent Lightning, Inverter, LED Lightning and HID Lightning etc..

The dsPIC “GS” DSCs comes with 16 to 64K of flash and they are available in 28 to 100 pin packages. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) peripheral can provide up to 1 nano-second resolution with supporting of all power-conversion topologies and the on-chip Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) modules operates up to 4 Msps. Additional features of  DSCs includes up to four on-chip analog comparators with integrated on-chip Digital to Analog Converters and enabling designers to set strip levels dynamically. The analog comparators are useful to directly control the PWM functions.

By using these features customers can now aim to achieve better efficiencies in low cost and efficient ways for their power supply applications. The vice president of Microchip’s High-Performance Microcontroller Division Sumit Mitra says “With 50 MIPS of performance, our customers can now aim to achieve better efficiencies in their power-supply applications,”.

The new dsPIC33F “GS” DSCs are 100% compatible with existing ones tools and reference designs are supported. This includes 16-bit 28-pin Starter Board (part # DM300027, 79.99), Buck/Boost Converter PICtail(TM) Plus Daughter Board (part # AC164133, $89.99) and Digital LED Lighting Development Kit (part # DM330014, $249).

The sampling and volume production of these dsPIC’s are available today in 28 to 100 pin QFN, VTLA, SOIC, TQFP and SPDIP packages and the pricing starts at $2.53 each in 10,000 quantities. For more information go to Microchip’s Site.

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