Yahoo Mail Updated its Support for 8 Indian Languages

Yahoo Mail Updated its Support for 8 Indian Languages

Yahoo India has extended it mail services to 8 new Indian languages which include Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi and Gujarati. Yahoo has extended its  feature out in 27 new markets including 22 new languages and 16 new countries.  Yahoo Mail is now available in 46 new languages and about 70 markets worldwide.  This makes Yahoo Mail convenient for Yahoo users all across India. The new Yahoo Mail provides much faster, safer and easier way for online communications. The new Yahoo Mail has improved its performance and services in many ways. New features of  Yahoo Mail includes……

2X Faster : Now you can send and receive emails faster than ever before. Email and attachments come and go at high speeds.

Better Spam Protection : The new spam protection of yahoo block all the unwanted mails and delivers only wanted mails. Over 15 millions of spam mails are blocked by yahoo daily.

Unlimited Storage : Yahoo provides unlimited storage, which means we can use our yahoo account as our personal archive and we can store important mail and photos without limit.

Mobile Mail : Yahoo mail works on any Internet enabled device.

IM & SMS : We can send instant message to our friends online or to send text message to any Mobile phone.  Now we can chat with our Facebook friends with Yahoo IM.

Instant Photo & Video Viewing : Now it is very easy to check out photos and videos in Yahoo Mail which are send by your friends and family by Flicker, Picasa, and YouTube.

Attach Large Files : Now we can send 50 files or 100MB in a single Yahoo Mail.

Automatic Organizer : Automatic organizer of Yahoo Mail organizes the received mails as we like. Thus we can organize lower priority emails such as newsletters, advertisements, coup0n etc into folders and we can easily see the important mails.


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