AOC e2352Phz -New Flicker Free 3D Monitor from Platinum Micro(AOC)…

AOC e2352Phz -New Flicker Free 3D Monitor from Platinum Micro(AOC)…

On January 18, 2012 Platinum Micro launched their new 3D desktop monitors which offer flicker free display. AOC e2352Phz ,the name given to the new innovation of AOL. New monitor promises 23 inch High Definition Flicker free 3D display using FPR 3D technology(Film-type patterned retarder – technology developed by LG for 3D monitors and it employs circular polarization) . This technology helps to eliminate annoying eye problems ,like fatigue and dizziness, when viewing 3D monitors.
According to the words of Martin Kruger, product manager at Platinum Micro “the introduction of 3D technology is a leap forward especially for gamers and other performance users who are constantly seeking new horizons in cyber-reality. “With the AOC e2352Phz, 3D comes to the desktop in a 23-inch display which features Flicker Free 3D technology using passive polarized glasses,”.
Monitor continuously shows a different image pattern to each eye, without the on-off switching typical of other 3D displays is the main feature of Flicker free display. The major features of new innovation are:
> Flicker free 23 inch HD monitor
> Clear image quality 20,000,000:1 DCR ,deliver more depth and detail in darker scenes
> Response time is about 5ms
> Ability to display more than 16.7 million colours
> Resolution of 1920x1080p
> Built in speaker
> Direct insert I/O for easy plug-in
> HDMI 1.4a input
> 2D-to-3D convertion of image,video etc.
> HDMI input can be directly connected to multiple devices like console game players and Blu-ray players
> Simple plug n play system, No additional hardware requirement
> Built in VESA stand for easy placement
These features made AOC e2352Phz a better 3D monitor.

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