Automatic Garden Light Controlling System

Automatic Garden Light Controlling System

Just like my previous circuit using LM358 this is also very cheap,also under 100 rupees. This is a circuit for controlling the street lights,garden lights,automatically. You don’t need to turn it on and turn it off again and again,  just turn on the circuit once and forget, it will automatically manage itself by sensing the available brightness in the garden or street.

Circuit Diagram

Automatic Garden Light Controlling System Circuit Diagram
Automatic Garden Light Controlling System Circuit Diagram


In this circuit the IC LM358 is working as a comparator. The transistor BC548 is wired as a switch to turn on the relay. The 10K pot is used to adjust the sensitivity of the circuit. When the darkness goes below a certain level (this level can be controlled by varying the 1oK pot) the voltage at pin 3 (of LDR) will become greater than the voltage at pin 2 (set by 10K pot) and the comparator output goes high. This turns on the transistor and relay connected to it.

You can connect any type or any number of lamps. You should choose the relay according the the current rating of the lamps.

Note : This project is same as Automatic Night Lamp.

So make this circuit to Save Energy and Build a Better Tomorrow………

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  • Try changing the value of R1, such that it will reduce the effect of LDR resistance.

    You can also provide a positive feedback for the opamp (schmitt trigger).

  • hello i am new to electronics but i want to design a light switch that can be controlled by a motion sensor as well as a remote,please help me to design this to switch for my room light, VAC is 230

  • Good Evening…

    Sorry for disturbing you again. I’m only a beginner in circuit designing.
    Can I ask one more thing?
    I want to design a circuit that uses XNOR ic but I cannot make one even simple one.
    Can you make schematic circuit design that uses XNOR ic’s for me?
    I know it is to much.

    I hope you can help me.

  • Good Evening…

    Can I ask a favor?

    Can you help me on how to make circuits that uses XNOR Gate?

  • good evening,
    what kind of electronic circuit i can make with 4077 ic?

  • It is not an XNOR gate…. It is an opamp comparator. .. When the voltage on the + terminal (non inverting input) becomes greater than the voltage on the – terminal (inverting input) output will become high.

  • can I ask something about your automatic light garden controlling system?
    what kind of logic ic is LM358? is it a XNOR gate?

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