Even with the mushrooming up of a plethora of search engines, Google continues to be relied by millions as their first choice. Thanks to Google’s innovative mobile platform, Android, many of us have been able to rely on the Internet giant to power our cell phones too these days. Android powers millions of phones, tablets and other devices and brings the power of Google and the web into your fingertips. With an amazingly fast browser, cloud sync, multi-tasking, easy ways to connect and the latest Google apps your Android powered device is beyond smart.



The main advantage of Android is its integration with Google. This means your phone is auto-synced with your Gmail contacts and calendar data. Another distinctive feature is that Android is an open source platform with an ever expanding library of downloadable applications or “apps”, ranging from the Tune-In Radio, which connects you to BBC and innumerable other radio stations, to the brightest flashlight, an app that converts the phone’s screen to a torch. There are also applications like G Data Mobile Security which scans any new app or file that is loaded into your mobile to keep your system protected. Believe me, there are even apps like the Mosquito Repellant!!


Part of the Android’s strength and appeal also stems from the fact that its success doesn’t depend on anyone one manufacturer. Motorola, HTC, Acer, LG, Samsung, Lenovo and Sony Ericsson all offer Android smartphones.

Android developers have recently launched Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich which brings in an entirely new look and feel. The lock screen, widgets, notifications, multi tasking and everything in between have been rethought and refined to make Android simple, beautiful and beyond smart.

While it was two other popular smartphones, Blackberry and iPhone, who ruled the market until recently, it is Google’s Android that has witnessed shooting growth in the past year, rising steadily to the top. Its time that you too switched.




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